“Not Quite Romeo” A short Story

25 05 2010

This short story was written purely for the fun of it. It’s meant to be ironic.Not Quite Romeo[1]


Reflection on Gothic Horror Fiction and Short Story

19 05 2010

I have really enjoyed studying short stories. Sof of the movies we watched in class, I had read before in Ehglish classes. I enjoyed watching the movies to get a better visual and understanding of the stories.

My new favorite short story author is Edgar Allen Poe. His stories are so different than anything else I’ve read. I enjoy the way he writes; it’s fun for me to read and follow the story.

What I like most about reading short stories is the fact that so much is packed into so a little “snapshot.” They aren’t huge novels with lots of side stories, but instead they acomplish the main story in less than 10,00 words. It’s simple, and I like that.

The thing I don’t like about short stories is that sometimes I think they are too short and simple. I don’t like how sometimes the story is too short to have a great plot.

“The Top Secret Game of Guess Who,” A short Story

19 05 2010

The beginning of a short story about a spy. It’s a little different than other spy stories, in that I want to make it more situationaly awkward for my main character. Short Story