Reflection on Poetry

21 05 2010

I’ve never really had deep feelings toward poetry in general. It sat there, and I sat there looking at it. I didn’t really care. But as I’ve started trying to write my own poetry, I’ve noticed a new appreciation for those who write good poetry. I like to read it and understand its meanings, but I still am not that great of a writer.

 I like to write haikus. They are easy and it’s fun to try and count syllables. It takes me back to days in elementary school, when I would count syllables for homework…ah, the good old days. I think I like haikus the most, because they are short, or can be short at times. It’s simple, and easy, but they can also hold a lot of meaning and description to draw a picture.

I really enjoy reading free verse, but I hate writing free verse. I feel lost when I try to write free verse. I prefer to have a set amount of lines, syllables, or adjectives. Without rules to follow I’m not sure exactly what to write about and I don’t like feeling unsure about myself and my writing. Maybe I enjoy reading free verse so much because I can’t do it myself. I respect the authors more because I feel like they understand something I’ve missed. The authors seem to enjoy a sense of freedom in free verse that I enjoy.

The one thing about poetry that I don’t like is that when reading it, sometimes I have absolutely no idea what the author is talking about. Maybe they are just being abstract, but I don’t like to just read random words that don’t seem to mean anything when put together. Emily Dickenson is probably my least favorite writer of poetry. I know she is supposedly a master, but I don’t relish in her writing. That probably makes me swine for saying that, but oh well, I’ll just stick with Shel Silverstein.


Pirates in My House

21 05 2010

Gowing up, I played a lot with Legos. My favorite were the Lego Pirates. This poem is about those pirates, who were the obsession of so much of my childhood.  Pirates in my House[1]

Untitled Poem

21 05 2010

Just a few thoughts about inspiration. I thought of it in the shower–where all inspiration is received. Inspiration chimes

Faulkner vs. Hemingway

19 05 2010

Faulkner was a very descriptive author. His works leave nothing to imagined. Hemingway, on the other hand, writes simple sentences. His works let the reader choose what to imagine. Out of these two wonderful writers, I think I  enjoy reading Faulkner more. Faulkner was a little obsessive about his descriptions. He thought that it was his responisblity as the writer to tell the reader what to think. Even though I lean a little more on liking the Faulkner style, I don’t like reading a never ending sentence. I get lost in the discriptions and explanations. I feel as if the story losses power.

As far as my own writing goes, I don’t think I lean toward either of these authors. I think I’m in the middle. I try to have a mixture of different types of sentences. I think I want to write a little more like Hemingway, because I think it’s really interesting. Perhaps I’ll try to write a piece with Hemingway type sentances and structure.

Reflection on Gothic Horror Fiction and Short Story

19 05 2010

I have really enjoyed studying short stories. Sof of the movies we watched in class, I had read before in Ehglish classes. I enjoyed watching the movies to get a better visual and understanding of the stories.

My new favorite short story author is Edgar Allen Poe. His stories are so different than anything else I’ve read. I enjoy the way he writes; it’s fun for me to read and follow the story.

What I like most about reading short stories is the fact that so much is packed into so a little “snapshot.” They aren’t huge novels with lots of side stories, but instead they acomplish the main story in less than 10,00 words. It’s simple, and I like that.

The thing I don’t like about short stories is that sometimes I think they are too short and simple. I don’t like how sometimes the story is too short to have a great plot.

“The Top Secret Game of Guess Who,” A short Story

19 05 2010

The beginning of a short story about a spy. It’s a little different than other spy stories, in that I want to make it more situationaly awkward for my main character. Short Story

Hello world!

17 05 2010