Non-Fiction Reflection

21 05 2010

I really enjoyed the Newspaper genre in Creative Writing 1. I enjoyed making up stuff to write as “news” for my own newspaper. I chose to do a pirate theme for my newspaper, so of course I had to include pirate slang. It was really fun to try and write like a pirate would write or talk. While all of the information was completely made up and fake, I tried to make it believable like a real newspaper. I don’t think it actually turned out very convincing, but I enjoyed it, and that’s what matters.

                I really enjoyed looking for pirate pictures online for my magazine. I liked formatting them to make it look like a real newspaper. I’m glad that we made a simple format with the pica paper before we started writing our articles, because it helped me plan out what I wanted to do and where I should put the articles I wrote once I had finished everything.

                I think the most interesting part of this section was learning that the obituaries were what people read the most. I think that is so funny! “Well, let’s see if I know anyone who died this week.”


“Set Sail” Newspaper

21 05 2010

This was written for the non-fiction unit in my Creative Writing class. I chose a pirate theme, because I felt like it gave me the most freedom to write silly and random information. It’s completely my creation, even though it’s for a non-fiction unit. Newspaper