Memoir Reflection

21 05 2010

I have enjoyed writing a little memoir of my own. I liked looking back at some of my childhood and thinking back on fun memories. I did an assignment a little like this in my ninth grade Computer Tech class, but I still had fun doing it, because I took a different spin on this assignment than I had on my previous one.

            One thing I didn’t like about the memoir unit in class, is that we didn’t learn about different types and ways of doing a memoir. I would like to know how others have done memoirs. What are some good memoirs to read? Are there memoirs for people’s career, family, education? These are things I wish we had learned more about in class. I feel like haven’t learned anything I didn’t know before we started studying memoirs.

            When writing my memoir, I enjoyed just writing everything that happened and how I felt. I hope I did it right, I’m not too sure. All I did was think of a memory and write everything I could about how I felt and all I did at the time. It was fun to think back on my childhood and laugh a little. I was a funny little nugget.

            One problem I didn’t like about memoirs, is that sometimes I couldn’t think of anything to write. This really frustrated me, because it’s my life and I should be able to write forever on it, but for some reason a lot of stuff felt really unimportant.  That is probably because it was, but it was still frustrating to me.




One response

27 05 2010

I came up with the same problem as you did! I couldn’t think of anything to write becuase most o fit felt unimportant! I am really enjoying ooking at this blog, ans seeing your feelings on several genres of writing!

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