Faulkner vs. Hemingway

19 05 2010

Faulkner was a very descriptive author. His works leave nothing to imagined. Hemingway, on the other hand, writes simple sentences. His works let the reader choose what to imagine. Out of these two wonderful writers, I think I  enjoy reading Faulkner more. Faulkner was a little obsessive about his descriptions. He thought that it was his responisblity as the writer to tell the reader what to think. Even though I lean a little more on liking the Faulkner style, I don’t like reading a never ending sentence. I get lost in the discriptions and explanations. I feel as if the story losses power.

As far as my own writing goes, I don’t think I lean toward either of these authors. I think I’m in the middle. I try to have a mixture of different types of sentences. I think I want to write a little more like Hemingway, because I think it’s really interesting. Perhaps I’ll try to write a piece with Hemingway type sentances and structure.




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